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16 fun fact nobody have told you about Dinosaur

this is the complete fact you need to know about dinosaur, the biggest head, biggest brain, the fastest, and much more

  1. The first dinosaurs that we know about are Herrerasaurus and Eoraptor. These were fast-running meat-eaters that lived about 230 million years ago.
  2. The smallest dinosaur we know about is Micropachycephalosaurus. It was 50cm (1 1/2ft) long. This is only the size of a cat. Micropachycephalosaurus also holds another record. the longest name with 23 letters long.
  3. A small plant-eater dinosaur with bony plates on its body has a name with just five letters long MINNI.
  4. The biggest dinosaur we know about is called Argentinosaurus. This plant-eating giant may have been up to 50m (156ft) long. This is longer than two buses placed end to end.
  5. The biggest meat-eating dinosaur discovered so far is Giganotosaurus. This huge hunter was over 12m (40ft) long. This is even bigger than Tyrannosaurus.
  6. The dinosaur with the biggest brain compare to the size of its body was Troodon. Troodon was a speedy meat-eating dinosaur were more intelligent than plan-eaters.
  7. The dinosaur with the smallest brain compared to the size of its body was Apatosaurus, one of the huge plant-eating sauropods.
  8. Enormous sauropods like Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus probably lived to be 100 years old.
  9. The fastest was an ostrich called GALLIMIMUS. Experts think It could run as fast as a modern-day Ostrich about 56kph (35mph)
  10. The longest tail was sauropods called Diplodocus. Its whip-like tail was 13m (43ft) long.
  11. longest neck was Mamenchisaurus. It neck was 15m (49ft) long.
  12. A horned, plant-eating dinosaur called Torosaurus had the biggest skull of any land animal that has ever lived. Its head was almost 3m (28in) long. If you turned it on its side and stood and stood it on the ground, it would be taller than a person.
  13. The longest claws was Therizinosaurus. Its claws were 70cm (28in) long. Surprisingly, it was probably a plant-eater rather than a meat eater. No one is sure why it had such big claws. It may have used them to defend itself against meat-eaters.
  14. Sauropods laid the biggest eggs of any dinosaur. Their eggs were about 30cm (1ft) long. But this was still amazingly small compared to the gigantic size of the adult dinosaurs.
  15. The creature with the biggest jaws was a sea reptile called Liopleurodon. Its jaws were 3cm (1ft) long and its teeth were 30cm (1ft) long.
  16. The biggest mammal that ever lived on land was Lndricotherium. This was a massive plant-eater that weighed as much as four elephants.



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