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jackie robinson

31 fasinating fact about jackie robinson

fact about Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was consistently considered an outstanding figure within the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s and he was praised by none aside from Martin Luther King Jr. who once same Robinson was “a legend and image in his own time” who “challenged the dark skies of intolerance and frustration.”

These are the complete fact about Jackie Robinson

  1. Jack Robinson first son Robinson Jr. was born that same year in November. They’d 2 additional children, a female Sharon and another son David.
  2. He was related to Montreal Royals in 1946 and played minors Baseball
  3. He was called over to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers within the Major Leagues in 1947.
  4. Jackie Robinson was the primary African-American baseball player in baseball league history and created his appearance on April 15th, 1947, at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York.
  5. He was politically very individualistic however had very traditionalist views on the Vietnam War.
  6. Despite his admiration for John F. Kennedy and his stance on civil rights, he supported Richard Nixon of the United States in the 1960 Presidential election.
  7. He won the National League’s most precious Player Award in 1949 after his debut in the MLB All-Star Game. He later took his team to the World Series solely to lose to the big apple Yankees.
  8. A biographical film. concerning his life was released in 1950 in the form of The Robinson Story where he played his own role himself. Academy Award-nominated feminine actor Ruby Dee played Robinson’s adult wife Rachel “Rae” Islum Robinson.
  9. He proceeded to a speaking tour of the South throughout the offseason and answered pre-set queries concerning his life. He made a lot of cash in these tours that amounted way more than the amount he earned on his contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  10. He nicks a batting average of 297, 175 hits, twelve home runs, and forty-eight runs batted in and also won the Rookie of the Year in 1947
  11. He was a close friend of Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians who was the initial African-American baseball player within the United State of America League. Their relationship became a role model for all and helped to foster a higher inter-race relationship. Booth the buddies telephoned one another spending long hours talking regarding racism.
  12. He was typically subjected to racial slurs by fans, however, found support within the type of Dodgers mate Pee Wee Reese who defended him from violent and nasty racial slurs.
  13. He played six World series, however, won just one in 1955 against the big apple Yankees during a 7 series game. He didn’t play in forty-nine games and also missed Game seven and was replaced by Don Hoak. He decorated his boots at the age of thirty-seven from big league Baseball and also the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956 due to the visible effects of polygenic disease.
  14. He took a position at American coffee company Chock Full O’ buggy and in agreement to quit baseball. He served as the VP of personnel for Chock Full O’ buggy coffee from 1957 to 1964, and have become the first African-American VP of a major Yankee corporation.
  15. He became the 1st African-American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame throughout his first year of eligibility at the Cooperstown Hall of Fame and Museum.
  16. Jackie Robinson was a baseball player who was born on Jan, 31st, 1919. Before he became a professional player in baseball, he played soccer for Honolulu Bears
  17. He was also referred to as Jack Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo Ga. but the family before long shifted and settled in the urban center, California.
  18. Roosevelt was value-added in his name in memory of President Roosevelt who had died about twenty-five days before his birth. He remained his ideal at some stage in Jackson’s life.
  19. He was born the youngest of the 5 youngsters and had a childhood full of struggle and impoverishment in a comparatively rich community within Pasadena.
  20. He did his education at John Muir high school and was selected to play for Pomona Annual Baseball Tournament All-Star Team.
  21. He played with future Bob Lemon of the Cleveland Indians, and, fellow Ted William of the Boston Red Sox and each of the team were to feature in the future Baseball Hall of Famers.
  22. He was a skillful player in tennis and won one title in the sea-coast Negro lawn tennis Tournament.
  23. His brother mackintosh was also an athlete jock and noted runner and won medallion in two hundred meters just behind the noted jock within the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany 1936. You can also read: fact about Harriet Tubman
  24. Like most athletes and players of his time, his career in sports was stopped by the World War 2 (WWII). throughout his military career, he didn’t play professional soccer or any organized baseball between his last UCLA game in 1940 and his 1st game for Kansas town Monarchs in 1945.
  25. In 1942 he joined the military and was sent to an isolate Army Cavalry unit in Fort Riley, Kansas.
  26. In the army, he affected the relationship with boxing champion who was stationed at Fort Riley. He with success protested against the delayed entry of black troopers into the Office Candidate faculty (OCS), exploitation of Joe Louis fame and was commissioned as a lieutenant in 1943.
  27. His troubles didn’t finish and he once refused to sit down at the rear of a quarantined bus and was promptly arrested by the military.
  28. His duty officer suggested that he be court-martialed however he was innocent from all charges and served Camp Breckinridge in Bluegrass State, where he worked as a military athletics coach till he was given an honorable discharge in 1944. Ne ne’er saw combat throughout the war.
  29. Post-discharge he was inspired to try his luck with the Kansas town Monarchs within the Negro National League.
  30. His real break came in 1945 after he signed a contract to play for the Kansas town Monarchs and was paid $400 a month and entered the large league Negro League All-Star Game that year.
  31. He was married to Rachel Islum whom he had courted throughout his senior years at the UCLA in 1941.



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