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40 great fact about islam

there is a lot of things a lot of people don’t know about Islam or Muslim and am here to give you the 40 things you don’t know about Islam

  1. Islam is the name of the religion. An individual who exercises Islam is called a Muslim. The adjective “Islamic” typically refers to things and places, not people. The term “Mohammedanism” is an obsolete term for the followers of Islamic prophet Muhammad and is typically regarded as an insult.
  2. Islam is an Arabic word meaning “peace,” “surrender,” and “security.” The meaning of Muslim is “one who surrenders peacefully to God.” Anyone from any tribe may be Muslim; in different words, “Muslim” doesn’t allude to a specific tribe.
  3. Famous Muslims in the united states include: Shaquille O’Neal, Muhammad Ali, Janet Jackson, Mara Brock Akil (writer/producer of the series “Girlfriends” and “the Game”), Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), Akon, Ice cube, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Mike Tyson, and Anousheh Ansari, the first Muslim woman to visit the space.
  4. Mohammad’s traveled (the Hegira) from Mecca in A.D. 622 is the starting of the increase of Islam. It moreover marks the start of the Islam, or Hijri, calendar.
  5. Mohammed full name known as Mohammad ibn Abd Allah was born about A.D. 570 in Mecca, Arabian Peninsula (present-day Saudi Arabia) and died on June eight, 632, in Medina, Arabia. He asserted that when he was at the age of 40 yrs, he received his initial revelation from God.
    children studying the holy quran
    children studying the holy quran
  6. The Islam Golden Age, which is historically it has existed in the 8th–13th centuries was marked by the rising of the Abbasid Caliphate. The Abbasids were shaped by the Quran’s injunction that “the ink of the scholar is much more holy than the blood of the martyr.” throughout now, the Arab world became an intellectual center for science, education, medicine, astronomy, philosophy, mathematics, physics, and, chemistry
  7. There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet that is concerning 1/5 of the world’s population. Thanks to birth and conversion rates, Islam is taken into account to be the fastest-growing religion on earth these days.
  8. The Muslims from the House of wisdom or knowledge (Bait-ul-Hikmat), that was existing throughout the 9th –13th centuries, where both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars wanted to translate the world’s language into Arabic language. several classic works of the ancient times that may have or been lost were preserved in Arabic and Persian language and later translated into Turkish, Latin, and, Hebrew. Here, scholar synthesized and remarkably advanced knowledge gained from the Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Roman, Chinese, Byzantine, and Phoenician civilizations.
  9. Muslim scholars Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd were primarily answerable for saving the works of a philosopher named Aristotle, whose ideas would later dominate the Christian and Muslim worlds.
  10. Inventions that appeared from the Islamic world embrace the invention of citric acid (Jābir ibn Hayyān), the bridge mill, arabesque architecture, teaching hospitals, the minaret, the vertical-axle windmill, march bands, the Guitar, early torpedoes, the lute, the sheesha (hookah, narghile,or shisha), early trials at glide, algebra, the laws of refraction, the pinhole camera, coffee, and more.
    a mosque
  11. Muslim scholar Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen), who was born about A.D 965, developed the scientific method and has been alluded to as “the world’s initial true scientist.” he’s also usually considered the primary theoretical scientist. in addition, he developed what’s known as celestial mechanics, that cause the ultimate work of Europeans such as Copernicus, Newton, Galileo, and, Kepler
  12. The primary beliefs one should have so as to be confirmed as a Muslim embody a belief in (1) Believing in One God, (2) Believing in All the prophets of God, (3) the initial holy scriptures release to Prophets Nabi Musa (Moses), Dawood (David), Isa (Jesus), and, Muhammad, (4) believing in The angels of God(5) believing in The judgment day and therefore the Hereafter, and, (6) believing in The divine decree or destiny.
  13. Islam is that the second- enormous religion community in the world, after Christianity.
  14. Although Muslims are usually related to the Arab world, lower than fifteen percent of Muslims are Arabs. Muslims are found among nearly all ethnic groups, nationalities, and countries.
  15. Variable based math Algebra, from the Arabic al-jabr, began in the Islamic world.
    muslim praying
    muslims praying
  16. On November 2013, Marvel declared that a 16-year-old Pakistani Muslim American girl, Kamala Khan, from New Jersey in the U.S will be one of their new lead superheroes.
  17. Many educational traditions, involved the difference between graduates and undergraduates began at the Muslim university Al-Azhar (“the resplendent”) University in Cairo. The university was established within the tenth century and is famous for its theoretical and philosophical scholarship.
  18. A Muslim woman always retains her family name upon a wedding, instead of taking the name of her husband. This figurative act emphasizes that she remains her own person, together with her own valid identity.
  19. Muslims scholars such as Ibn Sina who existed in 980-1037, also known in the West as Avicenna, developed the work of the olden Greeks in philosophy and medicine. When Christians came in contact with the Muslim world throughout the crusades, they brought back Muslim scholarship that, in turn, helped spark the European Renaissance.
    am imam
  20. Islamic astronomy became extremely advanced throughout the medieval period. Astronomy was necessary for Muslims as a result of it can be used to know the direction of Mecca so individuals knew which way they would face when observing prayers. This is one example of how the Western world continues to be influenced by Muslim modernism.You can also read about: differences between Christian and the jews
  21. The Muslim world created the primary practiced, specially trained pharmacists, who created their own medicines and worked closely with physicians.
  22. A 13th-century Muslim author predicted the circulation of blood four hundred years before this was later discovered in Europe.
  23. While initially, Muslims had an “innocent” manner to sex, this change of idea has been lost over time and conversation concerning sex became prohibition. Hoping this will change, Indian-American Muslim activist Asra Nomani has written an “Islamic Bill of Rights for girls within the Bedroom” to “approve women’s right to pleasure and satisfaction.” in addition, a replacement chick-lit novel referred to as No
  24. Gutenberg’s movable-type machine (1450) was sick suited to longhand Arabic and was solely slowly adopted by Muslims. However, when photolithography was invented in Deutschland in 1796, that used drawing on stone with ink to supply illustrations, Muslims thirstily adopted this methodology of printing. It replaced hand-copying to form more copies of the Holy Qurans and Arabic books and Newspaper.
  25. In 10th-century Cordoba, an Ommiad (Islamic dynasty) town in Spain with more than seventy libraries, the palace library had more than sixty thousand volumes, all written by hand. At the time, the simplest Latin library in Europe had solely six hundred parchment books.
    mecca Muslim pilgrimage site Saudi arabia
  26. While the Chinese invented paper before the 2d century B.C., Muslims were the primary to manufacture produce large pieces of paper on an intercontinental scale, developing a culture smitten by its abundance. as the worth of paper dropped, the ability to read and write rose and libraries and booksellers became important elements of each Muslim town.
  27. The 15th-century Mongol military leader Tamerlane (Timur) created a richly embellished 5′x7′ al-Qur’an, with seven type of line per page. Wealthy Muslims individual usually used paper to show off.
  28. Like Christianity and Judaism, Islam started in the Middle East.
  29. Muslim calif will use skinny, ultra-light “bird paper” hooked up to birds to quickly send and receive messages across the empire. This was how email was sent during that time
  30. Islamic advancement in the use of paper is the first reason we have the opportunity to read books instead of scrolls nowadays.
  31. Arabic numerals, the numbers the Western world uses nowadays, were been developed by the Muslims.
  32. Opposite to the biblical tradition (Genesis 22:1-2), most Moslem scholars term Ismail instead of Isaac because of the intended victim in the story of Abraham’s eagerness to sacrifice his son at God’s command (Quran 37:99-113).
  33. The meaning of Quran or pronounce Koran is “recitation” in Arabic.
  34. Muslims believe that the Holy Quran, and also the Torah and also the Gospels, is formed on a tablet written in Arabic that exits in heaven with God.
    oldest mosque
    Al-Aqsa mosque one of the oldest mosque in the world
  35. Muslims believe that they’re members of a worldwide Muslim community, also called the ummah in Arabic, united by a Religious bond that goes beyond the ethnic group, tribal, and national identities.
  36. Muslims don’t believe in the idea of original sin, thus there are no theological needs for the all-atoning sacrifice of Isa (Jesus) through his crucifixion and resurrection. Muslims believe we are going to be held responsible before God for our own actions and also be responsible for our own salvation. We are not going to rely on anyone else, not even Isa (Jesus) or Muhammad to save us from our own sins.
  37. Muslims believe God took Isa (Jesus) to Himself in a very similar to Prophet Elijah.
  38. Muslims celebrate 2 great Islamic holidays. The primary is Eid al-Fitr, the Feast of the Breaking of the quick of Ramadan, and also the second is that the Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice.
  39. Every Muslim tries to go to Mecca a minimum of once in his or her lifetime. This special visit is known as a hajj. Over 2.5 million pilgrims visit Mecca throughout the yearly hajj.
  40. Islam and Islamic law have always censure terrorism


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