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42 cool and interesting fact about robot


Robot has existed in some form since ancient times. Many cultures have inventors and engineers in their history who are trying to build robots like animals, humans, and machines. Ancient myths also describe automatons such as the mechanical pigeons of Archytas. Today, when people think of robots, they tend to portray automated people who can move independently, operated by virtual people or mechanical means. Some robots appear and behave very similarly to humans so that they seem to have their own wisdom. Today’s robots can perform dangerous work that is too risky for humans, such as lifting bombs or traveling where humans can’t take risks.

  1. The word “robot” comes from the Czech word pronounce “robota”, which means “hard work.”
    robot factory
    a car manufactory factory in China with robot worker
  2. Robots are human machines that help to do human tasks.
  3. A Japanese company is the largest producer of commercial resets and the country is the most industrialized with Robot.
  4. Since 1991, 320,000 robots have been installed in Japan.

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  1. For every 10,000 people employed in Japan, there are 256 robots in use.
  2. The biggest robot was created in 1993 by a united state company for mining the film Jurassic Park.
    world smallest flying robot
    robo fly, one of the world smallest flying robot
  3. The smallest robot is light-sensitive monsieur’s microbat. It was developed in Japan in 1992 and it measures less than 3cm and weighs 1.5kg made from 97 separate watch part.
  4. The first known robot in modern history was built by the Archytas of Tarentum in the 5th century BC. He built a mechanical pigeon.
  5. It is estimated that there are currently more than one million industrial robots in operation, most of which are in Japan.

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  1. Jamie Hyneman designed Blendo, a combat robot that was considered too dangerous after repeatedly throwing opponents into the arena wall during the robotic war. It won the status of a joint champion in exchange for exiting the competition.
  2. Just two weeks after the first US tour, a free-riding robot that relied on strangers to travel the world was found, whose head and arms were ripped off.
  3. 18-year-old Joshua Browder created a “robot lawyer” that allows people to get free, customized legal documents to appeal to their wrongly issued parking fines. It is estimated that his service has saved users $3 million.
  4. There is a factory in Japan that can be unsupervised for 30 days. The robot builds other robots at a speed of 50 per 24 hours shift. These factories are known as “lights out” factories because no personnel is required. Since 2001, FANUC has been operating this autonomous factory.
    maga robot
    a megabot at a battle
  5. The US company MegaBots challenged Japanese manufacturer Suidobashi Heavy Industries to demand a huge mechanical war. The Suidobashi accepted and said “the giant robot is Japanese culture. Yes, I will Absolutely fight”.

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  1. With the introduction of robots, iPhone maker Foxconn has reduced the number of employees from 110,000 to 50,000.
  2. A Japanese company invented a robot that sits on your back and provides you with tomatoes to eat while you are running.
  3. Nasdaq told Thomas Peterfe that his algorithmic trading was illegal because it didn’t have a keyboard, so he created a robot that typed all the transactions on the keyboard with his fingers, which made it legal, “The speed of the robot input is very high. Fast, it sounds like a machine gun.”
  4. Napolean Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin both participated in the competition and were defeated by chess robots. The robot patrolled the world and defeated masters and novices. However, in reality, it is just a man in a box.
  5. Recently, a robot performed the world’s first autonomous soft tissue surgery without the help of a doctor, except for speed, each indicator exceeded the human doctor.
  6. The reason for having a talking robot in Rocky 4 is because Stallone used the robot at home to help his autistic son, so he wrote it into the script so that he could let his son work with his robot and assistance worker

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  1. A study found that some soldiers rely on their bombs to handle robots. They treat them like their own personality. If they are damaged by enemy explosives, they will mourn them; even when they die, they will be given a funeral.
  2. There is a real heavy metal belt that weighs about 1 1/2 tons and consists of robots only. The guitar player has 78 fingers.
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci developed a plan for the “Mechanized Knight”, a creation of a similar robot that relies on a pulley system. When these plans were discovered in about 500 years and built according to Leonardo’s specifications, the design was flawless.
  4. 243 years ago, a watchmaker invented a robot that can actually write, and these parts can be interchanged, no matter what you want.
  5. The robot policeman in Futurama is called the URL (pronounced Earl).
  6. There is a hotel in Japan with robots called Henn-na hotel, the entire worker is a robot. The registration desk is an electronic power dragon.
    henn-na hotel
    henn-na hotel the world first hotel to be staffed by robot
  7. The word “Android” refers only to male robots. For robots that look like women, the correct term is “Gynoid.”
  8. The term “robot” was first used in the 1920 script, and it was originated from the “slave labor” in the Slavic language.
  9. In 2009, there was a “robot scientist” named Adam. “Adam became the first machine in history to discover new scientific knowledge independent of human creators.”

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  1. In 1969, the US Army created a giant four-legged robot. Known as the “walking truck”, it can lift a jeep and walk 5 mph, but it has never seen the scene used because the operator uses one of his own controls to control each limb and will become tired after 15 minutes.
    a four leg robot
    a four-legged robot
  2. A robot can now surgically remove the chicken accurately.
  3. A German engineering company called Festo, Festo designed a swimming underwater robot that uses “fluid muscles” to replicate the movement of animals. They have working models of penguins, rays, seagulls and flying bats bl.
  4. Elektro is a robot built in 1937, similar to the typical American male, he can watch, listen to, say, move independently, and, also smoke.
  5. You can’t be tickled by the robot you control, but if you don’t control it, you can.
  6. Do you know that the U.S military service has just developed a robot that eats dead bodies for fuel
  7. A farm in Carlisle, Massachusetts has a smart barn that allows cows to be milked by robots anytime and anywhere and an automatic after-roller.
    the world famous female humanoid robot named Sophia
  8. The Arab inventor al-Jazari created several humanoid robots in the 12th century, including a “waitress”, a programmable music player robot band and a hand-washing automation.
  9. Since the ban on child jockeys, Qatar’s camel racing has exclusively used robotic jockeys.
  10. The world’s largest walking robot is a fire-breathing dragon, built specifically for a 500-year-old folk game in a small German town.
    a 51 foot fire dragon
    a 51 ft fire-breathing dragon robot

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  1. An 81-year-old millionaire and genius use the Internet to learn how to program robots and programmed a robot to commit suicide.
  2. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a small origami robot that can walk along a surface, swims, fold itself into a proper shape, digs, and carries the load without restriction, then completely dissolves in acetone.
    lego robot
    a picture of lego Mindstorms
  3. A scientist brought the worm’s brain and uploaded it into a Lego robot.


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