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45 strange but true fact about zombie

  1. The word “zombie” is associated to the African word Nzambi a Mpungu, which literally means “god.” The Grand Serpent, the “Le Grand Zombi,” was the daddy of all “laos,” or different gods, and appeared in the form of a python.
  2. October eighth is World Zombie Day.
  3. There are 2 primary supposition on the origin of zombies: first, a person that is cursed dies and comes back as a zombie, and secondly, an individual contact a virus or is exposed to radiation.
  4. Mummies don’t seem to be generally considered as  zombies because while zombies are  in an exceedingly constant state of decay, mummies are consciously physically preserved.
  5. According to zombie mythology, the sole way to kill a zombie is to break its brain or cut its head off.
  6. Because viruses don’t seem to be individualistic living organisms and want a living organism to multiply a “zombie virus” may well be regarded a misnomer as a result of zombies are normally thought to be dead.
  7. Some critics theorize that zombies like the taste of human flesh (if they’ll taste anything) as a result of heat human flesh might ought to do with a zombie virus needing contemporary DNA or some parasitic organism receiving some type of nourishment from live blood cells.
  8. While the causes and study of zombies throughout history have diverse, one part links them: all of them have compromised brains.
  9. George A. Romero is usually noted as the “Father of the trendy Zombie” and is wide viewed as the inventor of the trendy zombie cinema. He has written and directed additional zombie films than anyone in history.
  10. Modern inception of zombies initially began with traditional African religion in the West African country called Nigeria (Yoruba tribe) then traveled with captive slaves to the island of Haiti, a busy slave center within the 1700s.
  11. Critics note that George Romero’s zombie films area unit nice as a result of they use zombies as a tool for social comment. In different words, they’re not movies regarding zombies, however rather regarding teams of individuals and the way they react in issues.
  12. There is a law in Haiti that makes it a criminal offense to turn somebody into a zombie. Article 249 states that if somebody drug another person, buries him like he were dead, then digs the person up and brings him back to life, it’s also a murder.
  13. The most popular “real-life” zombie is Clairvius Narcisse. Who claimed he became a zombie by a mixture of powerful neurotoxins and hallucinogens.
  14. A sickness known as Yaws will literally make individual look like zombies. The sickness causes painful, oozing sores on the face, legs, arms, and feet. The painful injury on the bottoms of the feet typically cause a sufferer to steer in an exceedingly slow, zombie-like shuffle.
  15. Besides having the ability to move when they’re dead, zombies don’t have superpowers. In fact, zombies even have fewer talents than they did when they were living human beings in general.
  16. The abbreviation RLF stands for “reanimated life form,” that is a different way ofsaying “zombie.”
  17. In the case of a zombie eruption, generic weapons are always desirable to custom or rare firearms with rarer varieties of ammunition.
  18. In the case of a zombie eruption, a person’s condition can have a major influence on a person’s odds of living.
  19. Zombies could have the trademark zombie limp as a result of their bodies are affected by a similar decay process as any normal corpse. In addition, rigor mortis would cause serious tissue and muscle harm at the zombie’s every step. Since zombies don’t regenerate or heal, any harm is permanent. Eventually, a zombies’ prime speed would be reduced to a crawl and maybe even slow to the point wherever it can’t move.
  20. While vampires are quick, strong, tough to kill, comparatively intelligent, and ready to regenerate, zombies are very slow, rather weak, simple to kill, and dumb. Any wound or harm they receive is permanent. So, in an exceedingly fight between a vampire and zombie, the vampire would presumably win.
  21. Zombie fans dialogue however long it’d take someone who died from a zombie virus to revive. Theories place the instant of reanimation between some minutes to many hours.
  22. Experts note that so as to survive a zombie attack, it’s vitally important to follow some guidelines: first don’t take shelter in an exceedingly vehicle in which you do not have the keys, secondly, don’t leave weapons out for zombies to search out, third, don’t provide your solely weapon to a overwrought person, fourth, don’t go back to your basement without supplies, fifth, don’t get enclosed by zombies, particularly in an elevator, and lastly, don’t let personal emotions and anger hinder survival.
  23. A parasitic fungus , a species of Ophiocordyceps, effectively turns ants into zombies. A recent study found that the fungus plant will synchronize many ants to bite down at the same time on the undersurface of a leaf and then die. The plant life then germinate through the dead ants’ bodies
  24. The top ten safest countries throughout a zombie occurrence as started by geographic location, armed populace, topography, military preparedness, and population density are the following: (1) Australia,( 2) Canada, (3) u.  s.,( 4) Russia, (5) Kazakh, (6) Bolivia, (7) Norway, (8) Finland, (9) Argentina, and (10) Sweden.
  25. Stories of the dead being brought back to life are thousands of years ago. for instance, 5,000 years past within the Middle East tale the Epic of king Gilgamesh, an angry god threatens to bring back the dead to eat the living.
  26. Zombies in Chinese story are referred to as the Kuang Shi (means the “hopping corpse”). While they have human bodies, they are doing not have free will thought or independence. In some Chinese myths, zombies are dead individual that die far away from home and walk walk back to their villages before they’ll rest in peace.
  27. In Scandinavian stories, zombies are referred to as draugr. In line with legend, draugr were ferocious warriors, however after they died, they weren’t contented to lie in their grave. Instead, they came back to attack the living. To kill a draugr one had to chop off its head, burn its body, and scatter its ashes resolute ocean.
  28. It is usually believed that within the hours before rigor mortis sets in, zombies would be at their most dangerous state. They would, briefly, have the strength and speed of living humans before their bodies would be ravaged by decay.
  29. A revenant from the French term revenir, which means “one who returns”, is a prominent zombie-like creature. Like zombies, they start to suffer decay and smell sort of a decay body once they are back to life. However, not like trendy zombies, their teeth begin to grow into very crooked and jagged bump. Also not like zombies, they don’t eat human being or drink blood.
  30. Zombie stories are found everywhere in the planet, as well as Africa, North America, Asia, Europe, and also the Middle East though Haiti has been the supply of contemporary zombie stories.
  31. Voodoo zombies, or zombies primarily based in Haitian lore, are created by evil monks referred to as bokors for many reasons: power, low cost labor, and revenge.
  32. According to the Voodoo religion, once a zombie has been created, the bokor, or the evil monk who created the zombie, should keep the zombie duteous by feeding it a paste made up of a plant referred to as the “zombie’s cucumber.” Legend states that chemicals in the cucumber keep zombies very weak so that they are straightforward to order around. In the U.S., the zombie’s cucumber is named Jimsonweed.
  33. According to Haitian traditional belief, feeding salt to a zombie can reinstate the person to freedom. That doesn’t mean the zombie can become a living person however, rather, that the body would be return back to the grave.
  34. According to Haitian voodoo, there are many safeguard individuals will take so their recently dead dearest will avoid being turned to a zombieL 1) bury the body below very heavy stones so that they are tougher to dig, (2) check up on the grave for thirty six hours (after thirty six hours, death is final and a bokor will not turn the dead body into a zombie), and (3) cut the pinnacle off the body.
  35. George A. Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead is universally attributable as being the film from which all zombie film these days has their roots. In the film, radiation from a fallen satellite brings dead individuals back to life and they have hunger for human flesh.
  36. Shaun of the Dead a 2004 “rom zom com” or romantic zombie comedy. The movie was written as a parody in appreciating the Canadian film maker Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. It features Simon Pegg as the couch-potato-turned-zombie-huntsman Shaun. It’s conjointly been referred to as a “zomedy.”
  37. The popular Dead world series is completely different from other zombie genres as a result of it portray a upper class of zombies that are organized and intelligent.
  38. The most well known zombie-based manga (Japanese comics) storyline is named  high school of the Dead. The story is about a cluster of high school students who are caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. In addition, they have to face the threat of the social group collapse and also the decompose of their own moral framework.
  39. The Internet has unfastened up new venues for the zombie genre to grow, especially zombie-themed web comics, similar to the last blood, slaughter, zombie hunter, and Everyday decay, Inc.
  40. In the case of a zombie eruption, there are sure “hot spots” for zombie infection, as well as department store, hospital, churches, malls, and police station.
  41. Early zombie movies were typically related to Voodoo-style zombies instead of viral or radiation zombies for instance, White Zombie (1932) tells the story of a woman’s transforming into a zombie at the hands of a Voodoo master.
  42. The first zombie film ever created is the 1932 American film White Zombie. it was absolutely the first horror  film that wasn’t a silent movie, as well as the first independent  horror film to feature,  Bela Lugosi, icon of horror cinema.
  43. In the first zombie film ever, White Zombie, lead actor Bela Lugosi was paid the sum of $800 for his performance, making  him the highest paid actor in the film. Even in 1932, that wasn’t heaps of cash. The film grossed not up to $25,000 at the box office, though the film’s budget was around $50,000. White Zombie is property right, which implies nobody owns the rights to the film any longer.
  44. The movies Zombie Strippers (2008) and Zombies, Zombies, Zombies (2008) are regarded as some of the very worst zombie films of all time.
  45. The term “Zombophiles” is a word used to describe fans of the zombie genera.


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