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over 60 crazy fact about football you need to know

football is watch everywhere in the world, and you cannot tell me that you have never watch football in your lifetime.

these are the 90 fact about football you never knew

  1. On December, 21st, 1957 Charlton was losing 1-5 against Hudderfield and thirty minutes later they finish with 7-6 victory.
  2. On May, 2nd, 2009, Barcelona scored 6 goals against their long time rival Real-Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu. The previous record was held by the Barca under the leadership of cruff thanks to a 5-0 win 1974.
  3. It is no longer ticket that covers the cost of the World cup but sponsorship and television right.
  4. nearly about 40-60 percent of men in the world have involve in football
  5. The famous black and white stripes on the jersey of Juventus are in fact an error. In 1903, when the club ordered pink jerseys, the English provider made a mistake and sent striped black and white jerseys instead.
  6. Ball trial in red, star morale is high.
  7. The Hungarian team of puskas and koesis scored 27 goals during the final phase of the 1954 world cup in Switzerland.
  8. The World cup champion wears a star on its jersey; the tradition began with Brazil in 1974.
  9. The names of teams that have won the competition are engraved under the cup, and, there is enough space to include the names of winners until 2038.
  10. In 2006 Fc Barcelona began a 5 year agreement to pay to have the UNICEF logo on its jersey. Before that, the team’s jersey had no logos on it for over 100 years.
  11. Brazil (1958, 1962) and Italy (1934, 1938) are the only two countries to have won the world cup twice in a row.
  12. In 1974, the trophy was presented to the FIFA World cup, design by Silvio Gazzainga and made by Berton of milario. It depicts two athletics holding up the Earth. It stand at 36.5cm, weight 5kg and is made of 18 carats (75%) of pure gold.
  13. In 1964, Tommy Ross of Ross country (U.K) succeeded in scoring the quickest hat trick in 90 second against Narin country.
  14. Between 1982 and 2000 a golden stopwatch was awarded for the quickest goal at that World cup.
  15. Biggest come back in football (70th minute) Aberdeen 7-0 Hibernia, full time, Aberdeen 7-7 Hibernia (1955), (79th minute) Portugal 5-0 Cameroun, full time, Portugal 5-5 Cameroun (Finland 2003), (61st minute) Ussr 4-0 Nigeria, full time, Ussr 4-4 Nigeria (Saudi 1989)(60th minutes) Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle, full time, Arsenal 4-4 Newcastle (62nd minute) Germany 4-0 Sweden, full time , Germany 4-4 Sweden (World cup Qualification 2012) (74 minute) Angola 4-0 Mali, full time Angola 4-4 Mali (African cup of nation 2010) (46th minute) Reading 4-0 Arsenal, full time, Reading 5-7 Arsenal (League cup 2012)(50th minute) Liverpool 0-3 Ac Milan, full time Liverpool3-3 Ac Milan (champions league 2005)
  16. Player have personal characteristic: Ronaldinho dribbles often, Gerrad likes long passes and Xavi fovourite move is the forward pass
  17. The highest numbers of goals scored by one player during a season is 126, by Pele in 1959.
  18. Numbers on jerseys first appeared in 1912, during a match between two Australian team, England has been using them since 1930. FIFA first put numbers on jerseys during the 1950 world cup in Brazil.
  19. Martin Pelermo missed three penalties during a meeting of Argentina and Colombia at Copa America 99
  20. Real Madrid was invincible at Santiago Bernabeu, with 122 matches without a loss between 1957, and, 1965

World cup

  1. England vs. Argentina Quarter final, Diego Maradona tailed a goal with his hand that lobbed in while the score was later explained that it was “the hand of God”.
  2. Most goal in a march: Abroath of Scotland 36-0 Bon Accord in 12, September, 1885 Kuwait beat Bhutan 20-0 14, February, 2000 Denmark beat France 17-1 in 1908 Olympics Iran beat Maldives 17-0 2nd, June, 1997.
  3. Brazil has participated in all the World cup edition
  4. Maracana stadium in Rio De Janiero Brazil has a capacity of 240,000
  5. Samuel Eto’o of Cameroun scored a total 18 goals from 2000 to 2010
  6. Roger Mala of Cameroun was 42 years 39 days in his match against Russia in U.S.A 1994
  7. Ronaldo Lima of Brazil scored a total of 16 goals in 1998, 2002, and, 2006 World cup Tournament
  8. The world cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. It was won by “celeste” the teams that participated in the world cup were invited because there was no qualification phase which would allow the right to play in the competition.
  9. Pele is the Footballer who has scored the most goals during his career, with no less than 1284 goal in 1375 matches.
  10. With 1390 matches in the English league between 1966 and 1997, peter Shinto’s the goalkeeper who has competed in the most matches, and he also wore the national team jersey.
  11. At the end of each world cup numerous trophies are awarded to the players and team: the golden boot was first awarded to the best goal scorer at the 2002 world cup.
  12. Different team have different playing styles: Argentina likes playing short passes, while England prefers long passes.
  13. The legendary Stanley Mathew competed in his final match with Stock city at the age of 50.
  14. In 2005, Paolo Maldini established a record for the quickest goal in the champions league final. He scored 25 seconds into a match against Liverpool.
  15. Another record was established during the Africa cup of Nations-that of Rigobert Song of Cameroon for having played 33 matches of which 7 were finals.
  16. Robbie fowler scored the quickest hat-trick in premier league history: 4 minutes 33 second versus Arsenal on august, 38, 1994.
  17. Tony Meola is the youngest captain to ever participated in a qualifying match at the age of 21 and 109 days (United State vs. Czechoslovakia, June, 10, 1990)
  18. Hungary is the Team which has scored the most goals in one tournament: 27 in 1954.
  19. Brazil is the only team to have participated in 20 world cups, and they only have won 5.
  20. South Korea is the team which has conceded the most goals in one tournament: 16 in 1954
  21. The 2010 world cup in South Africa was the 19th South Africa is the first Africa country to host the competition.
  22. Lother Matthaus has played the most matches in the world cup finals stage (25 matches from 1982- 1998).
  23. The Paraguayan goalkeeper Chilavert is the best goal scorer among keepers with 62 goals.
  24. Sheffield united Brian Denne scored the first goal in the English Premiership history


  1. English premiership started on 15th, august, 1992.
  2. Ryan Giggs dad played rugby for Wales.

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  1. The premiership was formed on 20th, Feb, 1992.
  2. Since 94-95 seasons only Manchester united, Manchester city, Arsenal, and, Chelsea have won league.
  3. Sir Alex Ferguson has won 12 premier league titles
  4. Sponsors: Carling 1993-01, Barclay card 2001-04, and, Barclays 2004-date
  5. The first sky Television right agreement was worth 304 million for 5 years.
  6. Ryan Giggs has played in every premier league season
  7. The highest scoring game was Manchester united 9-0 defeat of Ipswich in 1994-1995 seasons Andy Cole scoring 5 times
  8. Blackburn leads the red card charts with an amazing 75 red card.
  9. Chelsea leads the yellow card chat with over 1200 booking
  10. 2003-2004 Arsenal went the whole season unbeaten, thus earning the monikers “invincible”.
  11. Alan Shearer leads the scoring chart with 260 premiership goals
  12. Frank Lampard has 161 from midfield- an unbelievable amount for a non striker
  13. Chelsea scored a whooping 103 goals in the 2009/2010 tittle win.
  14. Swindom let in 100 goals in 1993-1994 seasons.
  15. Alan Shearer scored 11 premiership hat tricks.
  16. Fernando Torres at 50 million is the highest transfer between England club.
  17. Ledley king scored after 10 seconds breaking a record for the fastest goal
  18. David Beckham scored that unreal halfway line goal against Wimbledon on the opening day of 1996-1997 season.
  19. Sunderland (05-06) and Derby (07-08) both only won one home game in a season.
  20. Most away wins in a season was Chelsea 2004-2005
  21. The most consecutive wins were 10 by Arsenal (10 Feb. 2002-24, august,2002)
  22. Derby went an amazing 32 games without a win in 2007/2008 seasons.
  23. Highest attendance 76,398 Manchester united vs. Blackburn.
  24. Lowest attendance 3,039 Wimbledon vs. Everton 1993.
  25. Most point in a season Chelsea with 95 points in 2004/05 season.
  26. Most premiership appearances Ryan Gigg’s 612.
  27. Oldest goal scorer was Teddy Sheringham at 40 years and 268 days.
  28. The most clean sheet 173 David James.
  29. The most yellow card Kelvin Davies with 100 bookings.
  30. Earliest kick-off 11:15 Manchester city vs. Everton 2003.
  31. Most assist Ryan Gigg’s with 127.
  32. Most red card Patrick Viera, Duncan Ferguson, and, Richard Dunne with 8.
  33. There wasn’t a single corner in the Chelsea vs. Wigan 21, august, 2013.
  34. Kelvin Gillespic, Dave Kitson, and, Andres Johansson were all sent off without touching the ball.
  35. Liverpool, Arsenal, Aston villa, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United, Chelsea, and, Tottenham are the only team to compete in every premiership season.
  36. Around 63% of the league’s players are non-British players.
  37. Eric Cantona scored the premiership first hat-trick playing for Leads vs. Spurs
  38. The first televised premiership-goal was scored by Teddy Sheringham
  39. First keeper to score a goal was Peter Schmeichel in 2001 for Aston villa
  40. The first player to reach 100 goal was Alan Shearer
  41. The first premiership goal of the season award went to Darlian Atkanson for villa against Wimbledon
  42. The first African player in premiership was Peter Ndlovu for Coventry city in August 1992
  43. Manchester united won the first premiership title with 84 points.
  44. 2003/04 was the season Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea.
  45. Sir Alex Ferguson is only manager to be in charger ever since premiership began.
  46. football is played, and watch everywhere in the world
  47. every human being on earth have watch football at least once in their lifetime







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