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How To Get Pregnant Easily – Complete Steps and Guides

Some people get pregnant naturally, but actually, there are some steps you should take to get pregnant very fast, and these are the steps and guidelines on how to get pregnant the right way.


1.       Ensure to have sex on these best two days.

2.       Try to find a way to stay together with your partner in order to take advantage of the mucus day which is the BABY DAYS.

3.       During sex don’t use any lubricant such as body lotion, why because lubricants can kill sperm instead of using lubricant, spend a long time enjoying love play, then the vagina will produce a natural lubricant.

4.       After a year, if you can’t get pregnant you may try to get help from a doctor.vagina


menstrual circle

Each month a woman’s vagina produces blood for a few days, then after some days, her vagina produces a little mucus. So every month there are a few liquids: first blood, and, then mucus. All women know about the blood, but some woman fails to notice the mucus. Mucus is a colorless liquid, like the colorless liquid in a raw egg. The mucus is very important because the woman can easily get pregnant on her mucus days why? Because sperm easily moves through her mucus.

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If a man has sex with his wife on the day when she has no mucus, his sperm will go nowhere, and she will not get pregnant, but if they have sex on a mucus day, his sperm will move through her mucus and possibly reach her egg to make her pregnant. A woman can get pregnant on any of her mucus days, and, on the 3rd day after the last mucus day.

A woman menstrual circle begins with her first bleeding days and her next bleeding days begins. These are an event that makes up a menstrual circle.

1.       A woman’s monthly circle starts with about five bleeding days.

2.       After that, her inner lips in her vagina usually turn dry, and, remain dry for a few days.

3.       Then for about five days, the inner lips of the vagina feel wet all day, and, she knows, these are my mucus day.

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4.       After the mucus days, the inner lips of the vagina turns dry again and remain dry for about 2 weeks.

5.       Then, her next bleeding days begin.

Every woman trying to get pregnant should observe all of these. Happy is the woman who knows when she is having mucus. She can say to her husband today is one of the days I can get pregnant let have sex today. A woman should make a chart every month in order to note different events that happen within the menstrual circle. This is because the number of day of each circle vary from month to month and from woman to woman.

A woman can get pregnant on any for her baby days, but some baby are better than others the best days for getting pregnant are;

The last days of mucus (very wet mucus day)

The next day (nearly dry days)



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