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Fact about Earth

ESTIMATED WEIGHT (MASS)                       5,490,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons

ESTIMATED AGE                                             6,600,000 YEARS

CURRENT POPULATION                                                6,446,131,714

SURFACE AREA                                                 510,066,000 Sqkm

LAND AREA                                                         148,647,000 Sqkm /29.1% of the earth

OCEAN AREA                                                     335,258,000 Sqkm

TOTAL WATER AREA                                       361,419,000 Sqkm

TYPE OF WATER                                                                99% salt 3% fresh

Jupiter is the biggest planet about 1400 times bigger than the earth.

Mercury is the closest to the sun (58 million)

The distance between the Earth and the Sun is about 150 million km.

The distance between the earth and the moon is 340,000km

The sun with a diameter of 1,390,000km is about 115 times bigger than the sun

The biggest star, Alfa Orionis is more than 400 times bigger than the sun and 45,000 times bigger than Earth

The distance between the earth and the closest star Alpha centauri is about 40 trillion km

The earth is about 5 times bigger than the moon

2/3 of the earth surface are covered with water

Pacific Ocean with a size of 165 million sq km is the largest ocean covering half of the earth

The Amazon River in the south America is the largest in the world with a width of 240km.

River Nile is the longest covering 5,584km

River Congo is the largest in Africa with a width of 16km

Lake Victoria is the largest in Africa covering 69,490km

Mount Everest Napel Asia is the highest above sea level 29,028ft however, Mauna Korea Mountain located inside Pacific Ocean (Hawaii) is about 33,480ft but the ocean covers more than 20,000ft. a particular mountain in the solar system Olympus Mons is about 56,285ft

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest in Africa (19340ft) but ranked 16th in the world

The biggest star, Alfa oronis has a diameter of 780 million kms

Oldest star were formed 1 billion years after the big bang

The pistol is the brightest star 10 million times brighter than the sun

The Venus is the hottest planet, Venus surface temperature is 4640c

Jupiter is the brightest planet; Jupiter is 164 times brighter than the earth

The earth orbit the sun at a speed of 30km/s while the solar system as a whole travel around the hub of the milky way galaxy at an astonishing speed of 249km/s , a normal bullet travels it less than 01.05km/s

About 35,000 people die in road accident in Nigeria every year while 1.2 million die worldwide.

A child dies of malaria in Africa every 30 second

Over 200,000 people die per day worldwide

53.09 million People died in 1998 while 65 million people died in 2012

70,000,000 people died in Europe and Asia in 1347 when Black Death diseases killed one third of the population.

27,000,000 died in Spain and its territory in1518 through smallpox

Over 480,000 babies are born everyday

There are more than 100 million illicit sex (sexual intercourse) committed per day worldwide

There are over 40 million people living in HIV worldwide

Over 3.8 million are living with disease in Nigeria

On august 6, 1945 about 66,000 people died within a second around 08:15am local time when the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima Japan.

There are over 800 Christian denominations in Nigeria

 Noah’s Ark settle on Mount Ararat presently located in turkey (Gen 8:14)


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