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Fact about Nigeria

  1. The official name of Nigeria is the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  2. Nigeria is a country located in West Africa; it shared a land border with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger.
  3. The total land mass of Nigeria is 923,768 km (365,669 mi), which makes it the world’s 32nd – largest country by land mass
  4. The River Niger Bridge at Onitsha was constructed between 1964 and 1965 by Dumez-a French construction company and cost of 5 million pound
  5. Nigeria is made up of 36 states.
  6. Nigeria is 1/5th the total population of Black Africans.
  7. Nigeria with 512 languages as the fourth most in the world. This includes 510 living languages, two-second languages without native speakers and 9 extinct languages.
  8. Nigeria is the home to 7% of the total languages spoken on Earth
  9. The official language in Nigeria is Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba
  10. Nigeria has more than 10 religion, but the most heavily practiced religion in Nigeria is Christianity is heavily practiced in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Islam is practiced in the Northern part of Nigeria and Traditional religion which is practiced all over Nigeria
  11. Nigeria has over 371 ethnic groups.
  12. The Portuguese were the first European to have reached Nigeria in 1947. In 1880 the British began conquering Nigeria’s south. The North was conquered by  1903.
  13. Yoruba and their bloodlines worldwide have the highest rate of twinning (having twins) in the world
  14. With a Net worth of $16.1bn, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote is the richest Black person in the world
  15. In 2006, 2008, 2012 Nigerians were the highest most educated ethnic or racial group in America, they were also the 2nd most educated in 2016
  16. Patience Jonathan is the most educated First lady in Nigeria with an NCE, B.Ed  MSC and a PhD
  17. Nigeria has the most Black billionaires in Africa and the worldwide. (NOTE: there are more private planes in Nigeria than any other African country).
  18. Nigeria has more writers and author than the rest of West African country combined.
  19. Nigeria has the fourth highest number of Doctors in the world.
  20. Nigeria has the highest number of slangs in African and also second in the world After USA.
  21. Nigeria is the highest country with the most number of musician in African and also third in the world.
  22. Nigeria has two seasons, the raining season and the dry season. Each of this seasons lasts for six months.
  23. Nigeria is among the top 5 countries in the world with unexplored natural gas reserves.
  24. Katsina college (now known as Barewa collage of Zaria) has produced 5 Nigerian presidents/head of state since it was founded in 1921 in Katsina state.
  25. Malam Umaru Altine, A northern Fulani man was the first elected mayor in Enugu, in the east, and was even re-elected for a second term
  26. Calabar carnival is Africa’s biggest street party.
  27. The highest peak in Nigeria is located in Taraba state and is called Chappal waddi which means “the mountain of death”.
  28. Nigeria has one of the fastest growing telecommunications industry in the world (NOTE: Nigeria’s calling code is +234).
  29. The colonial cantonment proclamation of 1914 established foreign quarters; “sabon gari” institutionalizing the Sabon Garuruwa system of foreign resident segregation in Nigeria. The system of segregation homes for white is also known as GRA (Government reserved area).
  30. Nigeria boasts the highest number of press in Africa
  31. Nigeria is U.S largest trading partner in the sub-Sahara Africa
  32. In 1973 the federal government of Nigeria considered changing the name of Lagos to “EKO”. Regarding “Lagos” as a colonial name.
  33. Nigeria‘s population was just 14 million in 1911. It is projected to hit 444 million by 2050, surpassing the U.S and becoming the 4th largest in the world. (NOTE: one of fourth African is a Nigerian)
  34. The population of Lagos today is about more than the total population of Togo and Benin combined.
  35. Lagos state alone currently boasts the fifth biggest economy in Africa.
  36. Nigeria ranks number one among the countries with the largest petroleum reserves in Africa they are also number 10 in the world.
  37. 1st republic aviation minister, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi hid former South Africa president, Nelson Mandela, for six months in Nigeria to evade his arrest by the  apartheid regime
  38. Part of the “forgotten army” Nigeria volunteered to fight with the allied forces among the 81st and 82nd West Africa divisions, in the Second World War.
  39. The women’s war ‘or Aba women riot is seen as the first major challenge in British authority in Nigeria and West Africa during the colonial period.
  40. Mrs. Fumilayo Ramsome-Kuti, legendary Fela’s mother, was one of the delegates that negotiated Nigeria’s independence in Britain, she is the first woman to drive a car and ride a Bicycle in Nigeria, and she was also a woman activist.
  41. The Geographical are now referred to as Nigeria as once referred to ‘Sudan’ and ‘Nigiritia’.
  42. Nigeria stock exchange is the 2nd largest in Africa.
  43. When British bank of West African (now First Bank) opened a branch in Kano in1929, Alhassan Dantata (Dangote’s grandfather) opened an account depositing 20 camels loaded with silver coins.
  44. MKO Abiola was named kashimawo (let us wait and see) by his parents. He was his father’s twenty-third child, but the first to survive infancy
  45. Travel Visa was not required to travel to the United Kingdom till 1984
  46. Nigeria was founded and became a republic in 1963
  47. Nigeria gained her independence from Britain on October 1st, 1960, the nation remains a Commonwealth realm with Elizabeth II as titular head of state until the adoption of a new constitution in 1963.
  48. In 1914 the unification of southern and northern took place
  49. Nigeria has the seventh largest Economy in the world
  50. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and 7th in the world
  51. In 1976, 75kobo exchange for 1 British pound and 60kobo for 1 US dollar
  52. A dollar was 90kobo at the beginning of Babangida’s term in 1985. Obasanjo’s first term and Babangida’s regime oversaw the weakening of the naira
  53. Gen. Buhari and Idiagbon rejected IMF demand that Nigeria devalues its currency. Nigeria’s currency at that time was so strong that Nigeria could use it outside of Nigeria. IMF later found a way to make sure that the naira was devalued. This was done to make the dollar strong.
  54. Nigeria has 5 of the 10 richest pastors in the entire world, with a net worth’s according to Forbes, from $10-150 million. They are pastors, David Oyedepo, E.A Adebayo, Christ Oyakhilome, Mathew Ashimolowo, and Temitope Joshua.
  55. Nigeria has the biggest economy in Africa.
  56. Nigeria has the highest paid legislators in the entire world.
  57. Nigeria squanders, an income of $81 billion per year.
  58. The IGBO ethnic group are the ‘JEWS’ of Nigeria eager for a home state and highly entrepreneurial; during the Biafra secession attempt in the 60’s, the industrious people were already constructing indigenous tanks and other weapons.
  59. There are several Nigerian officials in the government of the English speaking country in Gambia
  60. The Ejagham (Ekio) people in the southeast are believed to have originated the Nsibidi (Nsibiri) writing system which was used mainly by the IGBO, EFIK, IBIBIO, EFUT, BANYANG, and ANNANG peoples.
  61. There is a Nigeria origin, Yoruba chief in Accra. Chief Brimah is the only foreign chief with a seat in the Ghanaian traditional council.
  62. Discovered in 1928, Nigeria’s north and north-central region host West Africa’s oldest civilization; the Nok, which flourish between 1000BC – 500AD
  63. Finished in 1460 the Benin Iya or Moat is an historic world defense wonder. Spanning 1,200 kilometers with walls as high as 18 meters, it is the world’s largest archeological structure.
  64. Nollywood film industry is the second biggest film industry in the world. It is also the biggest film industry in Africa
  65. Nigeria was the first country to effectively contain and eliminate the Ebola outbreaks threat that ravaged a few West African countries
  66. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is the most widely read book in modern African literature
  67. Nigeria’s Folorunsho Alakija is the richest black woman in the world
  68. The ‘Ankara’ material is not indigenous to Nigeria. Nigeria’s textiles include the Aso-Oke, Ukara, Akaw orha, Akwete, Adire and TivA’nger
  69. IGBO tribe is the only tribe to survive Genocide, War and Mass Poverty. They are still the only one to bounce back from the war with the biggest/largest/busiest market in the whole of Nigeria and also they did this without the help of the government.
  70. If the IGBO were to stop paying tax in LAGOS state, the IGR (internally generated revenues) of LAGOS state will be reduced to over 60%
  71. There are 196 countries in the world and at least one Igbo person from Nigeria lives in every one of them
  72. While the rest of Europe was sleeping in darkness the Benin city was one of the first cities to have a semblance of street lighting. Huge metal lamps, many feet high, were built and placed around the city. Especially near the king’s palace. Fueled by palm oil, their burning wicks were lit at night to provide illumination for traffic to and from the palace.
  73. The Obasanjo’s military regime converted Nigeria from a parliamentary system to presidential system of government
  74. Much of Northern Nigeria was part of the Songhai Empire. Mohammed Kanta Annexed Kebbi and other states between 1512 and 1517
  75. In Kebbi: Nigeria’s Sorko Sea lords of Kebbi state, made ships (Kanta) which were used for far away expeditions, including the 1311 and2000 ships, the famous voyage of Songhai empire Mansa Abubakari II to the America’s decades before Columbus.
  76. Lagos state is the largest city in Africa
  77. Nigeria has a wide array of unexploited mineral resources which include natural gas, coal, bauxite, Tantalite, gold, tin, iron ore, limestone, niobium lead and zinc etc
  78. Nigeria satellite built in 2004, was Nigeria third satellite and Africa first communication satellite
  79. Royal Benin ivory mask, is one of the most recognized artifacts in Nigeria.
  80. Nigeria’s president has the highest vehicle convoy in the world
  81. The center of Nigeria oil industry is port Harcourt
  82. The Nigeria-Cameroonian border contains Africa’s largest diversity of butterflies
  83. Nigeria is the most happiest country in West Africa
  84. British journalist Flora Shaw, later wife of Lord Frederick Lugard named “NIGERIA” after the great Niger River.
  85. Nigerian Wole Soyinka is the first Africa Nobel Laureate
  86. Nigeria has 14 tribes that are not only native to Nigeria
  87. Albert E. Kitson discovered coal in Enugu in 1909 this discovery led to the building of Port Harcourt town in 1912
  88. The oldest discovered boat in Africa, third in the world, the 8500 years old Dufuna canoe was discovered in Nigeria by Fulani Herdsmen in 1987 in Dufuna village, Fune LGA
  89. In 1985, Koko of Membe (now in Bayelsa) took 60 white men hostage. When the British refused his demands, more than 40 of those were eaten
  90. The Niger Delta is one of the Largest River Deltas in the world
  91. There is over 18 million Student in Nigeria at all levels.
  92. The most spoken word in Nigeria is “how far”
  93. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is among the Commonwealth countries
  94. Juju, Dashiki, Yam, and Okra are the word in the English dictionary that originated from ethnic groups located in present-day Nigeria
  95. Nigeria has more English speakers than England and more Muslims than Saudi Arabia
  96. The drill monkey is only found in the wide of southeast Nigeria and neighboring Cameroon
  97. The Ekpe secret society is practiced in Cuba, Brazil, and Haiti
  98. The pilot (Francis Osakwe) that flew Ojukwu away from Biafra (1970) was the same pilot that flew Gowon to Uganda (last flight as head of state)
  99. The Yoruba religion is practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rica
  100. Nigeria is a member of OPEC
  101. Third Mainland Bridge is the longest bridge in Africa
  102. With over 4000 dialects, English is the official language
  103. 5 out of the 10 wealthiest musicians in Africa are Nigerians
  104. Nigeria has the biggest entertainment industry in Africa both in music and film
  105. Agbani Darego was the only one to wear a maillot as opposed to a bikini during the Miss World Contest in 2001, and she won
  106. The Akwa Ibom Christmas Carols Festival is the largest gathering of carol singers in the world with about 25,272 carol singers
  107. River Niger is the largest River in West Africa covering over 2,600 miles and runs into the Atlantic Ocean.
  108. The pidgin word ‘Sabi’ came from ‘Saber’, Portuguese and Spanish for ‘to know’. Both countries’ ships traded slaves from the Bight of Benin.
  109. Ojukwu taught Murtala Mohammed and Ben Adekunle at Regular Officers Training School, Ghana. Both ‘fought’ their Teacher during the Nigerian civil war
  110. At Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, there was 41 secondary school in the North and 842 secondary schools in the South.
  111. In 1993, Senator Arthur Azeribe spent $16.5 million to win a senatorial seat in Orlu in Imo state
  112. Offenses punishable by death sentence after the 1996 coup included embezzlement, homosexuality, and rape.
  113. Jaja Wachukwu was the first person to refer to Lagos “as a no man’s land” in 1947, provoking a national controversy.
  114. Jellof Rice, Chicken breast, served with Ice cream, tea, coffee or Bournvita, with full cream milk and sugar meal cost 5okb in Unilag in late 1970’s
  115. At the point of death in 1989, Sam Okwaraji who is a Nigerian professional Footballer was a Ph.D. candidate and qualified Lawyer with an LL.M in international law in University of Rome
  116. Jaja Wachukwu is reputed to have owned the biggest one-man Library in West Africa. Tafawa Balewa sometimes referred to him as “most bookish minister”
  117. The Colonization of Nigeria took more than 40years to achieved and the territories were integrated by the use of force
  118. Yoruba is spoken as a ritual language the Santeria Cult in the Caribbean and South-Central America.
  119. Slavery existed in the Nigerian Territory before the 15th century and was abolish in the 19th century 1807 by the British
  120. At least 55 women were killed in South-East Nigeria, in 1929 when the women forced the umuahia warrant chief to submit to their rule.
  121. The coinage ‘supreme court’ was first used in 1863by the colonial administration through the enactment.


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