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Food that should not be eaten or drink



 sugar is a good source of energy to human body. However, care should be taken because it can cause a lot of health hazard. Sugar is one of the popular dead and good for nothing killer food. When our diet is high in sugar, what we are doing is literally knocking out our immune system (body defense against germs). Sugar is an immune system suppressant that neutralized our body’s immune sugar. Sugar also affect our brain, causing emotional upset, misbehavior of children and adult and so more. Sugar contributes to an obese city, heart disease diabetes e.t.c. Should be avoided as much as practice.


Flour products are fibreless and nutrient avoid. Diet dog up our system causing constipation and other physical breakdowns. We should be careful of white flour product we consume, it can be harmful to our health. This highly refined white flour product cannot properly feed the living cell in our bodies.


sodium chloride commonly known as table salt is another dangerous substances when we exceed our body’s requirement for salt, we present a toxic substance that causes heroic in our system. The recommended maximum daily salt limit is one teaspoon. Diet very low in salt we reduce the risk of HYPERTENSION. And it’s complications, KIDNEY STONE, and STOMACH CANCER


Caffeine is found in coffee, chocolate, and certain types of tea caffeine is a toxic poison that will damage the living cell in your stomach and cause damage to your liver and kidney.


Beer contains carcinogenic substances which is a cheap way of having cancer. It has been proved that people who regularly consume bear are at high risk of cancer, it also destroys the immune system of the body. It is also associated with two sexual performance.


Regular consumption of soft drink poses a serious heart to heart. Soft drinks have a P.H of around 2.5 or 3.0 of every acidic. So when you consume great quantities of soft drinks. You are creating a relative acidic PH in your blood. Actually, your blood PH should be7.35. the moment your body is acidic you have created an environment for all kinds of diseases.


 The animal product consists of meat, poultry, fish, various products such as milk, cheese, and egg. All of these are the rich source of protein which is essential for the development of body tissue but care should be taken to avoids its over-consumption. Animal products load our bodies with fats, the fat accumulates in our body and dog our arteries which are the cause of HEART ATTACK andSTROKES and also causes all manner of physical breakdown.

The protein content of a daily meat diet far exceeds the body protein need if there is protein in the flesh of animals. Then where did all that protein comes from?. It comes directly from the grass it ate? If there is calcium in cow\s milk, where did that calcium come from?  The grass all that nutrients in animal first came through the raw vegetable it ate. When you eat the animal product, you are currently the cause of up to 90% of all physical problem experienced by people.

Another people of a meat-based diet is the acidifying effect on our body which is a goal environment for promoting disease and ill health cheese and milk filled with saturated butterfat, which not only leads to heart disease and diabetes but also carries a huge dose of cancer-causing pesticides which the cow gather from they eat. Beef is also 20-40% fat, pork 40-60% fat. Poultry such as chicken and turkey when even boil still has a very high-fat content which one harmful to our health. If you eliminate animal products from your diet you eliminate the risk of experiencing the heart attack by 90%, if you don’t consume the animal product and you don’t smoke. You reduce your risk of cancer almost completely if you consume animal products and you reduce the probability of adult-onset diabetes research shown that when your main diet is low in farts or if they leave it out completely breast cancer is less likely to occur.

Note: there is nothing we consume that is more harmful to our health that the animal product. Absolutely nothing.


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