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How the name of the month came to existence

The names of the months have a Roman origin; there were twelve months in the Roman calendar: Martius, or March (Mars, god of war). March 1st was the official New Year’s Day for the Roman until 153 B.C. When the year was declared to start with January 1st. Aprilis, or April (Aperier, to open). The opening of the buds in the midst of spring. Maui’s, or May (Ancient Italia goddess Maia). The greater goddess, the increase, hence month of growth. Junius, or June (Roman clan Junius). Quintilis, (fifth month). Julius Ceasar gave his name to the fifth month, hence the name July. Sextilis, or August (sixth month). Augustus Caesar gave his name to the sixth month, though the Latin roots are augurs, so August is consecrated by the undertaken under favorable signs. September (Septem, seven). The seventh month of the Roman, September through December was the seventh through the tenth month, since March was the first month of the year. October, (Octem, eight). November, (Novem, nine). December (Decem, ten). Januarius, or January (Janus, god of doors). With two faces, look forward to the current year as well as back to the former year. Februarius, or February (Februa). Roman Festival of expiation celebrated on the fifteenth of the month (February, to expiate); hence, the month of expiration.


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