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plane crash

list of plane crash event in Nigeria

this is the full list of plane crash that has happen in Nigeria since 1969, most of this accident are listed below

1st plane crash, November, 20th 1969, a Governor of D.C 10 from London to Lagos, 89 lose their lives.

January 23, 1973, at Kano, 171 Nigerian Muslims returning from Mecca and five crewmen died in a crash.

September 26, 1992, AC-130 Aircraft of the Nigeria air force crashed 173 bodies were found dead and 27 were reported dead.

January, 17th, 1996, Nigerian presidential jet carrying 14 people was reportedly crashed killing all members on board which includes Ibrahim Abacha and 13 others.

June 20, 1996, plane crash in Kano state, military admiral col. Abdullah Wuse and 12 other died.

November, 7th, 1996 ADC airline crashes into Lagoon of ejirin near Lagos killing all passengers on board which were 143 passengers.

May, 4th, 2002, Kano EAS airline BAC-1-11 bound for Lagos Plunge into a densely populated suburb of Kano shortly after take of killing 148, the dead include 78 on board and 70 on the ground.

October 22nd, 2005, after takeoff from Lagos bell-view airline Boeing 737-200 en route to Abuja crashes killing all 117 on board.

December, 10th, 2005, A sosoliso airline carrying 110 students crashed during landing, killing 106 including 60 students of Layola, Jesuit college Abuja.

September, 18th, 2006, A Nigerian Airforce Donier 228 Aircraft crashed at Benue state en route Abuja to obudu cattle ranch, killing 12 of the 17 on board.

October, 29th, 2006, ADC plane bound from Sokoto crashed killing 99 passengers while 7 survived.

June, 2nd, 2012, Nigerian Cargo airline crashed in Ghana, killing 12 people.

June, 3rd, 2012, Dana plane crashed at Iju Shaga area of Lagos killing about 153.


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