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Nelson Mandela 31 shocking fact you need to know

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, was the country’s first black chief executive. He is known as “the most famous political prisoner in the world” and “the great black hope of South Africa.” With these 31 interesting facts about Nelson Mandela am going to share with you, let us know more about his career, early life, politics, mission and struggle for the right of black man freedom.

  1. Mandela’s middle name “Rolihlahla” literally means “cutting the branches of a tree” or commonly known as “troublemakers.”
  2. Nelson Mandela was the first person to go to a high school in his family. At that time, very few black children received a high school education in South Africa.
  3. When Nelson Mandela realized that his parent had arranged his marriage, he fled to Johannesburg. He stole a cow and sold it to raise money for his trip.
  4. In the first few days in Johannesburg, he took over the job of a night watchman and then worked as a legal assistant to support his financial situation.
  5. After studying at the University of Witwatersrand and the University Of Fort Hare, Nelson Mandela began studying law in Johannesburg.
  6. In 1940, Nelson Mandela was expelled from Fort Hare University for participating in student strikes.
  7. Nelson Mandela completed his Bachelor of Art (B.A) from Fort Hare University in 1943.
  8. In 1952, Nelson Mandela was convicted under the “Stop the Communist Law” and was banned from leaving Johannesburg and participating in public gatherings. In the same year, he established the first black partnership in South Africa.
  9. In 1944 Nelson Mandela joined the AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) and in the same year created the ANC Youth League along with other people. The organization is dissatisfied with Congress’s policies and principles and wanted to establish its own party.
  10. On July 15, 1944, Nelson Mandela got married to Evelyn Mase

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  1. Did you know that Nelson Mandela received guerrilla training in Morocco and Ethiopia in 1962?
  2. One thing you don’t know about Nelson Mandela is that he was an expert in disguise. He pretended to be a field worker, driver or chef. He used his talents to escape the police who tried to arrest him. Finally, when he was arrested, when he was in his chauffeur’s outfit.
  3. From 1991-1997 Nelson Mandela served as president of the AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC)
  4. During the 1994 presidential elections, the majority of voters who voted for more than 22 million votes chose the ANC to lead the country, and Nelson Mandela was sworn in as president.
  5. May 10, 1994, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. He was the first democratically elected President of South Africa and the oldest president.
  6. Nelson Mandela spent almost 70 years living and advocating the rights of South African minorities. He wants to build a free and non-racist society in this country and to inspire people around the world. He opposed discrimination, injustice, and inequality; he struggled with stubborn determination.
  7. Did you know that there are hundreds of streets in the world that are named after the hero Nelson Mandela (including City of Cardiff, Wales, named a street after Nelson Mandela; Nelson Mandela Marg interchange,; Nelson Mandela Street, Terre Rouge, Mauritius New Delhi, India, Nelson Mandela Street, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
  8. Nelson Mandela also spread awareness about the treatment of AIDS and deadly diseases, which also caused him to lose the life of his only son, Makgatho (1950-2005). This disease affects South Africa’s population more than any other country in the world.
  9. Nelson Mandela married three times. His last marriage was 81 years old, Grace Mitchell. He married Mozambican President Zamora, who was a widow when he married Mandela.
  10. Mandela was also supported by the anti-apartheid movement of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe. During the struggle, Zimbabwe sheltered anti-apartheid warriors in its territory. Mandela also has a close relationship with Libyan dictator Gaddafi.
    fidel-castro who co authour a book with Nelson Mandela
  11. Interestingly, Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro co-authored a book.
  12. In 1993 Nelson Mandela and F.W. De Klerk jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize, “because they worked hard to resolve the apartheid regime peacefully and laid the foundation for a new democratic South Africa.”
  13. Nelson Mandela spent almost 27 years in jail
  14. He spent 18 years in prison on Robben Island. During these years that he was in prison, he was allowed to meet his wife every six months.
    nelson mandela robben island prison
    nelson Mandela Robben island prison room
  15. When Nelson Mandela arrived on the island with other political prisoners, the first sentence of their warden was: “This is the island. This is where you will die.” For the alienated prisoners, the conditions on the island are difficult.
  16. Nelson, however, spent the remaining years of imprisonment in a jail near Cape Town. Here, he had access to TV, newspaper, Radio and any visitors he wanted.
  17. Every prisoner on Robben Island has a seven-foot-high cell, and they have to work hard in a limestone quarry.
  18. During his departure from the bar, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of London and educated his fellow prisoners on non-violent methods to obtain better treatment in prison.
  19. During the 27 years of his imprisonment, the apartheid government obtained prison freedom six times under certain conditions, and he denied this.
    Victor verste Prison
    former Victor verste Prison
  20. On August 12, 1988, Nelson Mandela was diagnosed with tuberculosis, after which he was transferred to Victor verste Prison near Paarl.
    F.W de Klerk
    F.w de Klerk former south african president
  21. On February 11, 1990, Mandela was released under the orders of the then South African President F. W. de Klerk.



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